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Our Product
Since 2015, the team of LightyearVPN had been focusing on the technology in internet and network security. We have users that come from Asia, Europe, and North America. We love to provide the best service to the people who need it.

Our Company
Our headquarters is located in San Francisco, USA, also known as Silicon Valley, and is the center of the Internet worldwide. LightyearVPN's parent company is a California-registered company that is not subject to strict regulatory and review in some regions. User information and web logs will not be shared with any government or third party agency.

Our Team
The team was starting from few members, and now we are more than 20+ people team. Everyone in the team is passionate about our company and product. We have the experts who are 10 years' experience of network and security, and also the professional operation team, which make sure we can provide the best service and user experience.