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Get the VPN app for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS, access to our fastest secure internet in just few steps.


How to use LightyearVPN app on your devices?

1. Download LightyearVPN AppYou can download it through our website or download the right installation file from our cloud drive.
2. Install LightyearVPN AppAfter downloading and installing the client, log in to your account on LightyearVPN.
3. Run and ConnectSelect a server, click the connect button, then you are connected to LightyearVPN network.

Start to use LightyearVPN app in just 30 seconds, access the fast and secure VPN network with LightyearVPN.

Smart App
LightyearVPN can automatically configure your DNS resolvers and system network settings to optimize network connections.
Smart Network
LightyearVPN can split your traffic base on your connection mode, and improve the network speed and efficiency.
Virtual Network Mode
Enable the Virtual Network mode and proxy the game, Netflix and all other software on your computer seamlessly.
Break Censorship
Use Trojan, Shadowsocks and V2ray as our network protocol, better obfuscation technology, to help you break through censorship and region restrictions.
Unlimited Usage
Unlimited data and unlimited bandwidth, no matter when and where, let you enjoy the global Internet with high speed.
Data Encryption
LightyearVPN only uses military-level encryption, so you don't have to worry about your browsing data being leaked.


Not only for high speed and security, but there are also more

Unlimited traffic. Unlimited bandwidth.
Allows 5 devices with one account
Access all high-speed servers
Supports multiple platforms. PC and mobile
One click to connect, no config needed
Industry level data encryption
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Frequently Asked Questions

LightyearVPN currently supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
Of course. If you want to access the unrestricted Internet or want to encrypt the network connection to protect your online content and personal privacy, then you need a VPN.
LightyearVPN is an USA company located in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, California.
Lightyear VPN is an American internet company with operations and development teams located in the United States. There is no risk of shutdown by the official, and no risk of run away. And will continue to provide high-quality and reliable VPN services.