Frequently Asked Questions

We offer monthly, quarterly, half-year, one-year and two-year plans. The longer the subscription time, the greater the discount.
Yes. After registration, the account will automatically get a VIP time for one day. It can access all LightyearVPN's servers.
You can visit our pricing page and choose a plan that suits you. You can pay with AliPay, UnionPay or PayPal for upgrade. After a successful payment, please press 'Update profile' button on your app to ensure that you get the latest subscription information.
LightyearVPN mainly uses Shadowsocks protocol, coupled with the latest obfuscation and encryption technology to achieve the best Internet access.
Yes. All servers of Lightyear VPN use aes-256-gcm encryption, and all data transmission is aes-256-gcm encryption.
VPN is to establish a private channel under the public network to achieve data transmission security and network anonymity between the user and the target server. Shadowsocks is built on Socks5's proxy protocol. Compared to VPNs, Shadowsocks are extremely hidden. Compared with HTTP, Shadowsocks provides a more complete encryption scheme. With the obfuscation technology, it can connect to the target server more effectively and avoid interference.
If a server is banned and unable to connect from China, we will redeploy the server, and change the server IP as soon as possible, and ensure the accessibility of the server.
Users from mainland China are recommended to connect to BGP servers. BGP servers can accelerate network speed in China. Users in other regions can use any non-BGP server.
Our users are all over the world. Anyone who has network security, network acceleration, website unblocking, and over-the-wall needs is welcome to use our service.
LightyearVPN supports VPN to China. We deployed multiple enterprise-level servers in mainland China, with low latency and high speed, suitable for watching videos, playing games, and working needs.
The default language of our product is English. Our applications and websites can automatically change the display language according to your setting. Such as Simplified Chinese and Russian.
First download the app from our homepage, and then install it on your device. During installation, an install permission prompt may pop up. Please click 'Allow' or 'Agree' to pass the permission.
In the upper right corner of the homepage, press the red register button. Enter your email address, we will send a verification code to your email, and then enter the correct verification code. Next, enter your password. When the password requires 8 to 64 digits, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. After clicking the register button, the registration is successful.
First log in to your account on the app. Enter the correct account email and password. The first time you log in on a new device or IP address, we will send a verification code to your email, and then enter the verification code. After logging in, select a suitable node on the main page, and click the connect button. When the button turns green, it indicates that the connection is successful. Click the button again to disconnect.
If it is a QQ mailbox or other mailbox, it may be blocked. Check the spam box of the mailbox, you can also try to change the security settings of the mailbox. Then try again.
It may be a problem with the system network settings, please try the following operations. 1. Check if it is the latest version. 2. Try to close other VPN or browser proxy extensions. 3. Go to the app's settings page and press the Reset Settings and Reset Network buttons, then restart the computer. 4. Try with other browsers, Chrome or Edge is recommended. 5. Try another node. BGP node is recommended in China. If you still have issues with connection, please contact
LightyearVPN currently supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
Lightyear VPN currently does not support routers yet.
Yes. LightyearVPN supports Android phones. It can be downloaded through Google Play, or on our official website, or through our network disk.
Our BGP line and CN2 GIA line are optimized for users in mainland China and will be faster than other nodes. And Shadowsocks (SSR) will be faster than VPN.
BGP is the abbreviation of Border Gateway Protocol, BGP means that an IP is directly connected in the network of multiple operators. Regardless of whether your network is Netcom, Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, Education Network, Technology Network or Satellite Communication, it is directly connected to this BGP server, so the network speed is faster.
LightyearVPN does not keep any logs, user's name and cell phone numbers, nor disclose user information to third-party organizations. Please refer to our user privacy agreement.
We accept the following payment methods: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, Gemstone, Diners Club). It also supports Alipay and PayPal.
We have monthly plan, quarter plan, half-year plan, one-year plan and two-year plan. All payments are one-time payments. When the plan is expiring, you will need to manually renew the subscription.
If you want to get a refund, please send an email to LightyearVPN customer service ( or contact online support. We will complete the request within 2 business days. We will charge 5% of the original payment plus $0.5 for refund fee.
You can send an email to or contact the online customer service of the LightyearVPN website, press the floating button in the lower right corner.
LightyearVPN is an USA company located in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, California.
Our default website address is
Yes, Follow our Telegram group and GitHub for the latest official website.
When using LightyearVPN service, please abide by local laws and prohibit any illegal acts.
Lightyear VPN is an American internet company with operations and development teams located in the United States. There is no risk of shutdown by the official, and no risk of run away. And will continue to provide high-quality and reliable VPN services.
Compared to OpenVPN in mainland China, it is still very reliable. Because OpenVPN has been fully recognized by the Chinese firewall, as long as the connection overseas will definitely be blocked or limited, the effect of circumventing the firewall is very poor. But SSR and V2ray's own traffic obfuscation is still very effective for circumventing the firewall. And now most of the servers that provide effective circumvention are using Shadowsocks, SSR, or V2ray, and this user group is very large.
Of course. If you want to access the unrestricted Internet or want to encrypt the network connection to protect your online content and personal privacy, then you need a VPN.
For users in Mainland China, it is recommended to connect to BGP servers, which are faster for the network environment in Mainland China. Other users recommend connecting to non-BGP servers. These servers can help you unlock streaming media and encrypt your traffic.
VPN is legal in most countries and regions, but a few countries will prohibit the use of VPN. For example, China, North Korea, Iran, Russia. There is no clear law in China that the use of VPN is illegal, but there are often people will be fined for this.
You should not use free VPNs from the Internet. Using a free VPN is equivalent to providing your information to strangers, hackers, or more dangerous third parties. Your IP, browsing history, and even account passwords will be leakage. Lightyear VPN provides free VPN with the same security level as VIP servers, and we will not share your data with anyone.
We currently support PayPal and USDT withdrawal methods. TRC20 address is required for USDT withdraw. For overseas users, we also provide Payoneer method, which is very convenient for international transfer. If you need more withdrawal methods, please contract our online support.
Of course. After logging in to your account on LightyearVPN's website, you will see the affiliate program dashboard. Here you can see the real-time number of registered users, number of purchases, purchase amount, commission status, etc.