Free VPN Servers

LightyearVPN offers free SSR servers to the community. To help more people freely access the global internet without border. Updated on 2021-10

How to use the free SSR servers?
1. Download and install the Shadowsocks client on your device.
2. Copy the SSR link or config below.
3. Enter the SSR link or config to the Shadowsocks client.
4. Click connect.
Download Shadowsocks Client App:
Los Angeles45.144.243.220148485fxaB3akzpEFaes-256-gcmoriginplain
Los Angeles45.144.242.217112528iDupts8Utv9aes-256-gcmoriginplain
The following free SSR servers are shared by free communities and free users. Use at your own risk.
LinkIPPortPasswordMethodProtocolObf 953rc4originplain t9erc4originplain!rc4-md5originplain 953rc4originplain 268rc4originplain t9erc4originplain 765rc4originplain 123abcrc4originplain

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should not use free VPNs from the Internet. Using a free VPN is equivalent to providing your information to strangers, hackers, or more dangerous third parties. Your IP, browsing history, and even account passwords will be leakage. Lightyear VPN provides free VPN with the same security level as VIP servers, and we will not share your data with anyone.
Compared to OpenVPN in mainland China, it is still very reliable. Because OpenVPN has been fully recognized by the Chinese firewall, as long as the connection overseas will definitely be blocked or limited, the effect of circumventing the firewall is very poor. But SSR and V2ray's own traffic obfuscation is still very effective for circumventing the firewall. And now most of the servers that provide effective circumvention are using Shadowsocks, SSR, or V2ray, and this user group is very large.
VPN is legal in most countries and regions, but a few countries will prohibit the use of VPN. For example, China, North Korea, Iran, Russia. There is no clear law in China that the use of VPN is illegal, but there are often people will be fined for this.
Of course. If you want to access the unrestricted Internet or want to encrypt the network connection to protect your online content and personal privacy, then you need a VPN.