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User Privacy Protection
No connection or activity log policy, no backdoor. LightyearVPN processes payments with PCI DSS to protect your information.
Global VPN Servers
LightyearVPN has high-speed SSR servers everywhere. You could access to all servers anytime from anywhere.
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited bandwidth and traffic for videos, music, social media and live streaming.
Good Care
24/7 customer support, submit ticket at any time, and get response quickly. Guarantee to get full refund in 7 days.
Smart VPN App
One click to connect, Smart mode and Global mode, enjoy the easy internet experience.
High Speed Network
High speed internet connections without delay while streaming, downloading and gaming.
Support Multi-platforms
LightyearVPN has VPN client app for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and more.
VPN to China
Access our VPN servers in China for media content in Chinese with high speed and unlimited bandwidth.
Unlock Censorship and Region Restrictions
Access global network without boundary, and unblock region restrictions for videos and streaming.
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