Password Generator

Generate strong and secure passwords on your device without sending them across the Internet.

Why do you need a strong password?

You need to create a password to do almost everything online, from checking email to online banking. Although it is easier to use short and easy-to-remember passwords, it can also pose serious risks to your online security. To protect yourself and your information, you will need to use long, strong passwords that are difficult for others to guess, while still keeping them relatively easy for you to remember.

At this point you may be thinking: Why do I even need a strong password? The fact is that although most websites are safe, there is always a small group of people who might try to access or steal your information. This is usually called a hacking attack. A strong password is one of the best ways to protect your account and personal information from hacker attacks.

What is a strong password?

A strong password is one that is hard to crack. It needs to be as random as possible and have more than eight characters. Also, it must include a combination of upper and lower cases or be a mixture of symbols and a passphrase. Set the necessary requirements for each of your online accounts, and our strong random password generator will create solid passwords for you effortlessly.

What passwords should not be used?

  • Passwords that you’ve used before
  • Passwords that are the same as your username
  • Anything that includes personal information
  • Words from a dictionary
  • Common phrases
  • Popular passwords like password, 123456, qwerty, abc123, iloveyou, 111111, and so on.
  • Anything shorter than 12 characters.

  • What is a password generator?

    Password generators utilize algorithms to produce complicated, randomized strings of characters that can be used as secure passwords. It takes input from a random number generator to generate a secure password. In most cases, an online password generator will create a password that includes lower and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols for the most complex combination.

    A password created by a password generator will be much more secure than the one you come up with yourself. The safety of a password generator depends on two things: the security of the password generator website and the software it uses. Our password generator has secure on-site encryption, making sure that no criminals can snoop on generated passwords. As for software, our algorithms guarantee that each generated password is complicated, secure, and unique enough to protect your accounts.

    How to generate a strong password?

    The password above is new, generated by your device when you opened this page. Click the Copy button and paste it wherever you need. If you need a new one, click Regenerate. Check the Character Types boxes or use the Password Length slider to change specifications.

    The LightyearVPN Password Generator uses your device to estimate the time to crack the password in the box by brute force (a computer churning through random guesses). Please note: A password that is mathematically complex but not random (such as P4s$w0rd987) might be easy to guess by searching for variations on common words or using a list of leaked passwords.

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