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Get a Taiwan IP address, unblock global and local websites, and overcome the censorship and restriction at high speed internet.

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How to get a Taiwan IP address?

Step 1
Sign up for LightyearVPN, you can get a free one-day trial and access all VIP servers.
Step 2
Download LightyearVPN app to your devices, which supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms.
Step 3
Choose a Taiwan server, press the connect button, and your IP now is Taiwan.
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Choose a Taiwan VPN Server

No hussle configuration, one click to connect, easy to use, the most cost-effective VPN
data protection
Unblock Censorship and Region Restrictions
LightyearVPN’s Taiwan servers use Trojan, Shadowsocks or V2ray as the VPN protocol, which is best in obfuscation and it helps you easily pass through the GFW. While accessing YouTube, Google, Twitter and other websites, it also maintains a high-speed and stable network connection.
Safe and Stable Routes
Hide your local IP address, turning you into the IP address of Taiwan. All network data transmissions are encrypted using AES-256-GCM. At the same time, we do not collect, store, or record any user and internet log.
Browse Local Sites
LightyearVPN's high-speed, stable, and route-optimized Taiwan server can unblock Taiwan video sites, music apps, live streaming apps, and social apps. There are no traffic limitation and bandwidth restrictions, it's unlimited.
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LightyearVPN also has VPN servers in other regions

Other than the Taiwan VPN servers, LightyearVPN also has enterprise-level VPN servers in more than 50+ countries and regions, with unlimited usage and unlimited network speed. You can connect anytime and anywhere.

It only takes half minute to get an IP address in Taiwan

LightyearVPN provides fast and reliable Taiwan servers for long time. Signup now for 1-day free trial without hussle. Upgrade if you live it.

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Not only for high speed and security, but there are also more

Unlimited traffic. Unlimited bandwidth.
Allows 5 devices with one account
Access all high-speed servers
Supports multiple platforms. PC and mobile
One click to connect, no config needed
Industry level data encryption
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Frequently Asked Questions

Switch to Global Mode in LightyearVPN setting's view, and your IP will change to Taiwan's IP address. This is because you are currently in smart mode, which will only forward websites traffic outside of China, China’s local website traffic will not forword.
If you are an user in Mainland China, it is recommended to choose BGP route and CN2 GIA route. Both of these routes are optimized connection, which will be faster and more stable. Other normal routes are not suitable for use in Mainland China.
Yes. VPN is legal in Taiwan.
Please avoid using free VPN as much as possible, because free VPN cannot guarantee your internet security and connection speed. LightyearVPN provides a free trial and a 7-day money back. If you are satisfied with the trial, then upgrade to VIP.